Why hire a Bookkeeper?

Hiring an outside bookkeeper to help you with your small business needs is a great way to save you money and valuable time.  Simply ask yourself, how much time do you spend every day or week keeping track of your expenses, paying your employees, creating invoices for potential customers or clients and all the other little things you do that keep you from your family and business.  When you attach a dollar sign to your time, what figure do you come up with?  I’m pretty sure if you looked at your time in dollars, it is cheaper to pay someone to do some of the things that take you away from your business and family.

Many small business owners think that it is cheaper and easier to do the work themselves, well I happen to disagree.  Think of the amount of hours you spend and if those valuable hours could be spent making yourself more money.  If you answered YES, than hiring a bookkeeper is the way to go.  Consider making a phone call to inquire about the pricing.  That phone call is free, but could end up saving you or even making you thousands of dollars over the course of the year.  You ask how paying someone to keep your books could save you money??  Please read about the Health Care Reform.  Outsourcing would give you an employee that you are not responsible for providing medical insurance.

DSC_2692    I myself value my family time and enjoy watching my son play baseball.  I’m sure there are plenty of things that you as a business owner miss out on because you are sitting after hours or before you open bogged down with the paperwork side of your business.  How much more enjoyable would your business be if you could concentrate on what you enjoy?  Chances are, you opened your business to do something you enjoyed and were good at and that the paperwork side wasn’t something you envisioned could consume you the way it does.

On behalf of bookkeepers in the Reading area and beyond, I hope you take some time to make that phone call and set up that meeting to at least entertain the idea of having someone give you the much-needed help you could use.  I know I’d be glad to come to you and meet based on your availability.

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